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People often want to know why we support the Adult Day Health Center and we tell them about all of the great programs that the center has, and the items we help to supply the center because of our efforts.

Now, the very people who work,support and benefit from the Center, tell you why they support US!

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CassSylviaCass Sylvia, Yolo County's Public Guardian & Administrtor and Friends of Adult Dy Health Care board member, was honored recently by Senator Lois Wolk.

Cass was named the 2016 3rd Senate District's Woman of the Year in part for her untiring efforts to maintain conservatorship for the mentally ill, elderly and disabled.

As elegantly stated by Senator Wolk, Cass was being honored because:

"Cass cares for those that can't care for themselves, people with no one to help them when they are most in need. For over 17 years, she has championed Yolo County's elderly and disabled, working diligently to ensure that the community's most vulnerable members are treated with dignity, compassion, understanding and respect... and Cass is just as committed to serving her community outside of her role as Public Guardian and Administrator. Her kindness, dedication and generosity of spirit are also reflected in her volunteer activities."

We know how dedicated she is and how hard she works to improve the lives of others, and are glad others recognize that too!

Congratulations, Cass! We're so proud of you!


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